Poets I Love, Part 1

I have two groups for poetry on my Google Reader. One is for poets I read that I’ve met on the net through poetry prompt sites like Three Word Wednesday, Read Write Poem and dVerse Poet’s Pub. The other is for poets I’ve found through online literary magazines or poets whose books I’ve bought. Today I’m going to talk about poets I’ve met online, share my thoughts and link to their websites.

Several years ago when I started this blog it was an online poet’s community that gave me the courage to share my own words in a more proactive way. That community was Read Write Poem (now defunct), a very sharing and supportive group of people. I still really miss that community but I  made a few friends there that I still see today on other prompt websites and a couple whose work I still read on their blogs (even though I don’t comment much – that’s just me). So here I go with a few of the poets I read regularly and admire greatly. I hope y’all will click over and check them out.

Brian Miller at Way Station One – consistently writes verse that is current, thought-provoking and kick-ass. I am constantly learning by reading Brian.

Stacy Michelle at The Language We Speak – A goddess. Truly. If I could chose to write like anyone, it would be Stacy. Her verse is organic, it’s what we all think in the deepest recesses of our minds but are afraid to say out loud. Stacy is fearless yet totally approachable. She is my hero because she is so honest in her work.

Martin at Cemetery of Forgotten Poems  – Beautiful, sensitive, dreamy. I love reading Martin. He makes me feel sweet and safe.

Juice Box at It Was Late and I Was Tired – Juice is an amazing talent for such a young soul who writes like an old soul. JB writes about relationships and the feelings of muddling through relationships (my favorite topic). I predict she will be a force to be reckoned with as she grows in her craft.

Old Ollie at Humbucker Poems – The monk weaves beautiful cloth with his words. His work is meditation incarnate and always directs me in a calm, completive direction.

Pamela at Words and Thoughts – I love how Pamela paints word pictures of her life in Mexico. Her work is dreamy and colorful and makes me want to move there.

Steve at Fractured Phrases – I see Steve’s work as very modern, very in the here and now. It’s spare and basic. I love short poetry and Steve is a pro in the short verse.

I hope you all will click over and visit these poets – you won’t be sorry, I promise.



12 thoughts on “Poets I Love, Part 1

  1. I shall check out your recommendations over breakfast.

    I have never visited NO but am an occasional listener to WWOZ.

    Marie Marshall

    [PS. A few years ago one of my short poems was carved on an African drum and put on display at NOMA. I don’t know if it’s still there.]


    1. WWOZ is a treasure – I listen every day as I’m working around the house. Next time I go to NOMA I’ll look for your drum! That is so cool. Thanks for visiting and commenting, Marie.


  2. There are certainly many poetic threads to follow up via the prompt sites. I have a doc on desktop with links to all my favourites. Well done for linking to some of yours, Charlotte: cooperation and mutual aid can only help spread the word.


  3. I am honoured by this, Charlotte. What a nice surprise! Mexico does give me many ideas to write about. Brian is one of my favourites, and Old Ollie, I haven’t read in awhile mostly because we don’t travel the same poetry blogs anymore (but, I always enjoyed his work). Thanks for the new poets to check out as well.



  4. Thank you so much for the mention, Charlotte. It means a lot. I am familiar with Brian’s fantastic word-weaving, but I need to check out the others. Cheers.


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