That Moment

There’s a line on her forehead
that didn’t used to be there. It’s
directly between her eyebrows –
her pale and almost invisible eyebrows
which she always worried made her
look a bit alien but not enough to
paint them with pencil which looked
even more alien. The line creases
her forehead like the relentless drip
of water creases rock, the steady
passage of time that turns new to old,
fresh to worn, the perky naive to the
weary experienced. She considers
buying some expensive wrinkle cream
that promises to make lines disappear
and bring forth the glow of youth
once again. But her experience tells her
it’s only a tube of worthless shit.

4 thoughts on “That Moment

  1. Thanks,guys. I’m not really very vain but then again I was lucky to inherit my mom’s relatively wrinkle-free skin.It’s just that one damn line that’s driving me cra-cra!


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