Anthony Bourdain in New Orleans

bourdain-layover-final-seasonAnthony Bourdain recently visited New Orleans for his show “The Layover” and it aired last Monday night. It was  great tour of our city, visiting many businesses and neighborhoods that get little national coverage. Please check out  my review of the show on  my New Orleans blog, 


Photo via The Travel Channel.

2 thoughts on “Anthony Bourdain in New Orleans

  1. Ah, on one hand I count the shows I watch on television, his is one. The vernacular of food has always intrigued me. He looks at it better than any. Will swish over there when able.


  2. nice…i like bourdain…we def keeps it intersting…been a while since i was in nawlins…i used to enjoy boutan’s over in baton rogue and prejeans in lafayette when i traveled your state…


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