Writings and Musings

April is National Poetry Month and I have let it slip by without a mention on this blog I’ve dedicated to my own poetic attempts. There are so many talented poets out there in internet-land that I’ve had the privledge of reading and I wish I’d had the time and strength to write about them all here, to share their words with you. I wish I had the time to read the work of those who read mine but I only am able to be online in fits and starts – a few minutes here, an hour there. I’m feeling quite discourged and disheartened tonight. I’m afraid, after some events today, that my life will be once again overtaken by issues out of my control. As much as I want, really want, to read and comment and participate in the online poetry community I’ve come to rely on so much, I don’t think I can. So please check out my links page and follow me on Twitter (https://twitter.com/charlotteAsh) where I do at least link to poems and poets that I think are the best and that I follow as I am able.

On a happier note, I am honored to have had my poem “803 MOnroe” published as a featured poem on Mad Swirl and my poem “Avârus Covetous” added to my Poets Page there this month. Also, my poem “Train 59, City of New Orleans” is in this month’s issue of St. Somewhere Journal. “Train 59, City of New Orleans” was written after my mother’s death last year. This time last year I was taking the train every other week up to Jackson, MS to stay a week at a time in the ICU waiting room of Baptist Hospital where my mother laid for 9 weeks in the ICU until her death on June 14. The music I refer to in the poem is part of a playlist I listened to while riding the train up and back during those weeks. I can not listen to that music now because the pain is too deep and dark. I suppose I’m in a dark place now and expect to be there for a while because every day, all day long I think of my mother and I find myself crying like an adolescent with raging hormones.

I guess that’s all. I may or may not be posting poetry. I tend to write more when I’m sad than when I’m happy so, who knows?, maybe this sadness will result in something good.

4 thoughts on “Writings and Musings

  1. I hate that all I have to share are words when what I really want to express is a encouraging embrace. [fill embrace here] Please don’t worry about writing – take care of yourself – sometimes the grieving season takes longer than a year. (My kids’ biological father died last week, and they’re in various states of grieving.)

    God will watch over you and walk you through this,
    love, your pal Mosk


  2. Thanks for your kind words, Mosk. ((hug accepted)) I wish peace and acceptance for your kids in their grief. I know they will be in your good and capable hands and so very fortunate to have you.


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