Favorite Reads, Last Quarter-ish

With the holidays upon us I decided to go ahead and post my fourth quarter Favorites . I’m currently reading some books I plan to review here plus I have a post or two percolating so I don’t think I’ll … Continue reading Favorite Reads, Last Quarter-ish

Grief the Invader

The humidity outside has lifted, settling in my chest. I cannot take a deep breath for the grief circulating around my lungs, slowly slogging inside my body. My blood feels thick, sticky in my veins, wanting to lie still. How easy it would be to wallow in this misery, to allow the body to fade. It doesn’t feel like mine. *** Dont worry. I’m ok. Today is the fourth anniversay of my mothers death plus it’s been three days of almost constant exposure to details of the mass shooting. I was feeling overwhelmed and needed to get it out. Thanks … Continue reading Grief the Invader

That Feeling of Drowning

It doesn’t take water to drown. It only takes an absence of air from a shock to the system. That one tiny moment when disbelief dissolves recognition or grief consumes reason. The moment that expands in waves onto your private beach bringing a loss of direction, a losing of way, a distortion of things once solid. Falling into murky silence where everything is muffled, the insulation entices. Just close your eyes and drift. Continue reading That Feeling of Drowning

Sweet Peggy Sue

A while back I wrote a post about my poodle, Peggy Sue. I was excited because I’d found a recipe for homemade dog food online that would support her compromised kidneys. That’s what I like most about the internet, that you can find a community or maybe just one person who has been thorugh whatever it is you’re going through and can offer help and support. At the time, Peggy appeared to be  friskier than she had ever been since we had her. We adopted her from our local SPCA in September 2011. They said she was about 6 years … Continue reading Sweet Peggy Sue

Writings and Musings

April is National Poetry Month and I have let it slip by without a mention on this blog I’ve dedicated to my own poetic attempts. There are so many talented poets out there in internet-land that I’ve had the privledge of reading and I wish I’d had the time and strength to write about them all here, to share their words with you. I wish I had the time to read the work of those who read mine but I only am able to be online in fits and starts – a few minutes here, an hour there. I’m feeling … Continue reading Writings and Musings