Telemetry, 3rd Floor

I’ve forgotten how to sleep
all I can think
scrambled eggs and biscuits
Beep! Beep!! Beep!!!
I rub my feet
together but sleep
won’t come
Are 3 beeps more urgent
than 1?


I spent last night in the hospital with a loved one where I got about 45 minutes of sleep all night. This morning I feel zombified but, on the bright side, I wrote three poems and began a short story/flash fiction during those sleepless hours. This one is all about last night.

Poem shared on dVerse Poet’s Pub, an online community where poets share their work and support each other.

12 thoughts on “Telemetry, 3rd Floor

  1. its hard when you are sitting there….feeling helpless as if there is nothing you can do but you want to…hoping each beep is a good one…hope you get some rest…and i hope they are ok….


  2. am totally with you on this. Am having a similar thing. It is awful, but it is strange how writing helps. And when writing is as on the button as your piece, it certainly helps.


  3. You pose a good question here, Charlotte. Are 3 beeps better than one. I hope you get some much needed rest and I hope your loved one is okay.



  4. Bon courage, as they say here in France. Sorry to hear about the hospital stays, but glad that at least you are getting some writing (if not sleep) out of your bedside vigils.


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