Open the Drapes

Detail of Bywater home, New Orleans
Detail of Bywater home, New Orleans

I didn’t want to believe
What we believe in those rooms:

That we are blessed, letting go,
Letting someone, anyone,

Drag open the drapes and heave us
Back into our blinding, bright lives.

~Tracy K. Smith, exerpt from The Speed of Belief

I love Tracy K. Smiths book “Life On Mars” and keep it, along with two or three others, on my bedside table where I can easily find it and read and reread the beautiful words inside. I like this passage. Sometimes we need a little help dragging open the drapes to let in the creative light. This week I read two pieces online that helped me let in a little creative light. One is Olentangy Review’s interview with Robert Vaughn, whose book, “Microtones”, is another I keep on my bedside table. The other piece is Kristen Lamb’s post The Personal Apocalypse – When Are We REAL Writers?. Although I’m not a writer of novels and have no interest in writing one, there’s a lot of good advice and cheerleading in this piece that can benefit a writer of any genre. I highly recommend both articles.

I took the photo above in the home of a resident of the Bywater neighborhood here in New Orleans. The way the sunlight cast through the window gave the room an aura of timelessness that was very appealing and comforting.

I hope all y’all have a great week-end ahead in your blinding, bright lives.

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