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let’s run away
become those people that
are never heard from
throw a few changes of clothes
and your St. Christopher into a suitcase
and just hit the road and I’ll leave
a message on the voicemail
that says itchy feet have to run
and we’ve gone to join Laika
after all
who says space has to be outer
and other galaxies only exist in the sky


Do you ever feel like this? I’m feeling it big time lately.

Poem shared on dVerse Poet’s Pub, an online community where poets share their work and support each other.
Image found on Tumblr.

8 thoughts on “Missing

  1. indeed, i do have those longings, getting stronger too as time goes by

    “who says space has to be outer
    and galaxies only exist in the sky”



  2. Not often, but sometimes feel like running away, want to run away from work (now), stay at home and become a recluse – but real life wont allow it…

    Anna :o]


  3. Charlotte, I know this feeling well, that is why I ended up in Mexico. My daughter had gotten married and I had no responsibilities, so we sold the house and moved. Best decision of my life. I love how you presented this. Very nice.



  4. I liked your illustration – clever lead in to an immediate poem. Running away’s so appealing when one is young but sooner or later you realize wherever you go is where you are. New places and new people but eventually the “new” wears off and caring and responsibility awaits. One either takes up their challenges or continues to run. At the end of that journey there may be no one there to “care” for you. But for a while, it is loads of fun. Well written – wanderlust.


  5. Thanks, all, for reading nd commenting. I love where I live but who can resist the lure of the open road? I’m afraid I don’t understand people who are content to be at home with no interest of what else is “out there”. 🙂


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