let’s run away become those people that are never heard from again throw a few changes of clothes and your St. Christopher into a suitcase and just hit the road and I’ll leave a message on the voicemail that says itchy feet have to run and we’ve gone to join Laika after all who says space has to be outer and other galaxies only exist in the sky __________________________________ Do you ever feel like this? I’m feeling it big time lately. Poem shared on dVerse Poet’s Pub, an online community where poets share their work and support each other. Image found … Continue reading Missing

An Aerial View

I never said forever. That’s a time continuum I can’t comprehend in a world too tightly bound by years. Today is my commorancy, my roots are in this moment and each one that follows, as it exists. The long tunnel into the future is too narrow, I will not be stuck there. Take my hand, look into my eyes and feel the fresh air on our skin. Now. _____________________________________ Shared with dVerse Poets Pub. Continue reading An Aerial View