Deliberate footsteps fell one behind

the other onto cracked concrete, heel

then toe clad in cleat soled hiking

boots laced in orange, the color

of warning signs

and life jackets

and hard hats

and reflective patches

and safety cones, the color

of his teeth

and hair

and eyelashes

and the letters in his head that flashed

but made no words only floated

razor-sharp before his omnivorous eyes

a breadcrumb trail to inevitability

2 thoughts on “Orange

  1. intriguing…i am not sure i follow the last couple lines…i was seeing a roadway worker…the letters in the head lost me a bit…
    if i was one of the roadworkers i think i would get lost in thoughts quite often…esp those guys doing the stop sign…oy…


  2. Thanks, Brian. I wrote this after an episode of Criminal Minds where a delusional man hallucinated floating letters and stalked women. I incorporated the color orange when I realized how it’s often used as a color of warning and safety.


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