October in July

For the second morning in a row I’ve stepped through my sliding glass doors into the past. This always happens to me in the fall but this is the middle of July. We’ve had a cold front move in – unheard of in summer in New Orleans. When I was a kid and there was crazy weather, old timers would say it’s because those men walked on the moon. They shouldn’t have messed with the moon. Well, we did have a Super Moon a few nights ago so maybe it’s all connected. All I know is it feels lovely on the skin and it makes me want to lay in the grass and watch the clouds all day.

In the fall, when the weather turns, it’s like something inside me shifts and I can almost step into days passed when I first moved into this house. Something in the air or the slant of the light, something I can’t quite smell but can remember along the edges of my senses pulls me back. I always feel a little ache in my heart for my first two dogs, Mitzi and Muffin. I think in the fall they’re around in the back yard, chasing lizards again. Life was so simple back then. So new. Today is like that.

But I have pets to feed and floors to clean. Dishwasher to unload and clothes to wash. But in between I’ll sit on the swing outside and savor this day.

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