The dVerse Ball and All

You gave me acceptance when I was uncertain

You gave me community when I felt alone

You gave me creativity when I was blank

You gave me a big, wide world of


What more could a poet want?

Happy 3rd Birthday to dVerse Poets Pub! dVerse has been a great source of inspiration for me with a great network of very supportive poets. They’re celebrating with a Poets Ball so why not hop on over there and visit a while?

23 thoughts on “The dVerse Ball and All

  1. a community of poets – it is so important… i started writing when onestoppoetry just started off – and i don’t know if ihad the courage if there weren’t such supporting and encouraging poets around


  2. I love the diversity and acceptance of the pub ~ Thank you for chiming in and you can link again when we open later, Saturday at 3 pm EST ~


  3. smiles…that would be exactly what i would hope to give….
    and today is the final day…and we are doing odes to the pub…
    so this will fit right in…

    thank you though…like i said, this would be what i hoped…


  4. Well..ZouxZoux..i can certainly relate to and then..and particularly today..NOW..and i do most definitely share your warm hearted sentiments..of words in poetry2!now today…smiles and have a nice Saturday2!..the rest of it..hopefully at least..!

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    1. You’re not alone, Anthony. I’ve been reading and writing poetry since I was nine. I just have more time to enjoy it now after many years of too much to do!


  5. ZouxZoux – how cool is that name. You are EXACTLY right – we are here to serve you and it’s our pleasure to do so with forms, prompts, contests, camaraderie, through writing our histories, our stories, our imagination, our secrets, our desires, our loves, our passions, our anger, our pride, and our shame. We know if we can open up, the shyest Amelie among us can too. We’re so glad you’re here and we hope you enjoy it!

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