Women in Translation Month

WITMonth15Did you know that August is Women in Translation Month? WIT Month was started in 2014 by blogger Bibliobio after she researched and found women writers represent approximately only 30% of translations into English. (Follow this link for facts and statistics.)This event was created to encourage reading and discussion and to increase awareness of this genre. (Follow this link for more info.) There are no “rules” for participating but I encourage you to do so by reading at least one translated book this month, by following the Twitter hashtag #WITMonth, by following the Women in Translation Tumblr,  and by sharing this issue with your friends and fellow bookworms. Where can I find a booklist, you ask? Why, at the Biblibio Database, of course. Do take advantage of this great list.

I’ve chosen three books to read in August in support of this event:

Aimez-vous Brahms by French writer Francoise Sagan

Drowned by Swedish writer Therese Bohman

The Door by Hungarian writer Magda Szabo


I thank French blogger Marina Sofia of Finding Time to Write blog for introducing me to WIT Month, for writing about Sagan’s work and for recommending Drowned (her review here). Marina is responsible for piquing my interest in writers from other countries and her blog is the place I’ve visited more than any other for book reviews and recommendations.

I’m looking very forward to reading my books and reading the reviews of my sister WIT Month bloggers. I hope you join us.

2 thoughts on “Women in Translation Month

  1. Wow, what a sweet introduction – I am very touched… and pleased I’ve introduced you to more women in translation. Thank you!
    I just loved Aimez-Vous Brahms (the film version is very moving as well, have you seen it? With Ingrid Bergman and a very young and rather gorgeous looking Anthony Perkins). Hope you enjoy them all and look forward to hearing what you thought.


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