Seven Days of Rememberance: Day 1

Lower Ninth Ward, New Orleans, December 2005
Lower Ninth Ward, New Orleans, September 2005

Photo by Infrogmation

In rememberance of lives lost and lives forever changed due to the Federal levee breach in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. I’ll be posting poems and short essays I’ve written over the past 10 years through August 29.

Never forget.



In that house red beans & rice
cooked every Monday for four
generations until the water
washed it away.
It floated down Forgotten Street,
clapboards splintering like frail old
bones in the jaws of the beast.
The land where it stood’s going on
five years empty now, sacred ground
bleached with the salt of bitter tears
but still loved with a fierceness that
would amaze the unbaptized.



“Disparity” was published in St. Somewhere – A Literary Journal, June 2011

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