Seven Days of Rememberance: Day 2

Irish Bayou, New Orleans, February 2006
Irish Bayou, New Orleans, February 2006

 Photo by Infrogmation

In rememberance of lives lost and lives forever changed due to the Federal levee breach in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. I’ll be posting poems and short essays I’ve written over the past 10 years through August 29.

Never forget.

We watched for the return of the birds.
The air around the house
was silent
and devoid of flutterings,
a vacuum of tweets and
whistles. What stragglingh
flowers were left went
hummingbirdless while
twigs and string were
twigs and string
with no hope of sheltering
featherless offspring.

It was strangely quiet,
as though they were all
sucked into a void
somewhere and became
dinosaurs again in
another dimension.
They were a wondrous
memory for a time until
slowly finding their way
back home.

3 thoughts on “Seven Days of Rememberance: Day 2

  1. Charlotte, I can’t imagine what really happened. But I did watch the news and I remember the night before reporters and such proclaiming a hurricane but not a 5 and I saw no preparation of any kind. I think I saw zoo animals or mammals moved to a pool. That’s my memory. Then it was chaos the next few days.


  2. Yes, she accelerated very quickly. Due to my always prepared husband we were able to get out before the traffic got so bad. I’ll never forget how scared I was evacuating with 2 dogs, 1 cat, and my handicapped mother-in-law in a Monte Carlo. We brought only a couple of changes of clothes thinking we’d be back in a couple of days. My husband did come back a few days later but it was a month before I did. The drive into the city was surreal, it was so empty and broken. There was still no one on our street except one neighbor who stayed. He said he’ll never do that again.


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