Hot reads: IWD Roundup

So International Women’s Day kind of sneaked up on me but I did read some good stuff put out for that day. Here are a few links and a video that I found particularly interesting.

50 Great Books About 50 Inspiring Women – who doesn’t want more good books on their TBR list?

From JK Rowling to Ellen: Four of the most influential and inspiring women today. – a short but powerful list from The LondonY including a video of Patti Smith when she was here in New Orleans a few years ago. I’m still kicking myself for not going to it but you can be sure I’ll not make that mistake again. I love her. She and her advice is so down-to-earth and honest. I highly recommend taking a few minutes to listen to this short vid below. Thanks to The LondonY for posting it for me to find! (BTW, The LondonY is a really cool website.)

10 great cartoonists you need to know: Celebrating International Women’s Day – this is really interesting. Although I’m not much of a cartoon fan I enjoyed this piece that makes me want to further explore the world of cartooning.

Let My People Go  – a sobering piece on the modern day slavery of women around the world. This is a new-to-me blog, Pankhearst, that I found via a link on a friend’s blog, Exploits of the Volequeen.  I’ll be reading more there.

 3 Poems  | Anna Lea Jancewicz – finally, I loved these three poems in FemLit Magazine. I hope you do too.


Now, ya’ll be sure and click over to read these great pieces and watch the video!

Have a great week-end and a great reading week!

6 thoughts on “Hot reads: IWD Roundup

  1. So glad you were also moved and inspired by Patti Smith’s advice to the young! It is probably one of the best things about the internet…I would have loved to be there too in New Orleans to listen to that conversation, but thankfully and hopefully, a lot of people who weren’t there will still get inspired through the video…

    Thanks Charlotte for sharing a link to the article too, it means so much!

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