Hot Reads, Etc.

There’s so much good reading and listening on the Internet it’s overwhelming. How do you choose which piece to read,which podcast to listen to, which video to watch? And I’m always wondering if I’ve missed some really fantastic thing. In just the past few days I’ve read some really good stuff and, this morning, watched a very cool Periscope post by Indian chef Kalyan Karmakar. Do you watch Periscope? I downloaded the app a while ago but have only watched a couple of Lonely Planet posts. But when I logged on today there was a notification that this was streaming … Continue reading Hot Reads, Etc.

Hot Reads: Lists & Blueberry Cobbler

Here are a few cool things I’ve read this week and I’m just realizing several are actual lists by other people. Great! That means you have a galaxy of stories to read. Women’s History Month is marching right along and Change Seven Magazine has given us this gem:  “7 Reads We Recommend: Women’s History Month” by Laurel Dowswell and Emily Ramsey. I’m slowly savoring these sweet nuggets. Also in Change Seven, “Distracted by Life” by Sandy Ebner is a frightening account of living with ADHD and how she found light at the end of that dark tunnel. A fascinating read. “Just … Continue reading Hot Reads: Lists & Blueberry Cobbler

Hot reads: IWD Roundup

So International Women’s Day kind of sneaked up on me but I did read some good stuff put out for that day. Here are a few links and a video that I found particularly interesting. 50 Great Books About 50 Inspiring Women – who doesn’t want more good books on their TBR list? From JK Rowling to Ellen: Four of the most influential and inspiring women today. – a short but powerful list from The LondonY including a video of Patti Smith when she was here in New Orleans a few years ago. I’m still kicking myself for not going to it but … Continue reading Hot reads: IWD Roundup

Hot Reads & Other Stuff

The wind is blowing fiercely outside whipping the trees into a frenzy. The wind chimes are clanging merrily, though, giving quite the serenade. All the little birds at the bird feeder are puffed out. I guess they’re trying to stay warm in the cold wind. It’s grey. Another grey day. Every time we have one of these days in NOLA it reinforces how glad I am that I don’t live where winters are harsh. Day upon day of greyness would do me in for sure. I don’t mind the occasional gloomy day – sometimes it’s nice to cuddle up on … Continue reading Hot Reads & Other Stuff

Hot Reads & Other Things

So I had really planned to have a good dozen links to a good dozen poems and stories for this post, but then, life happened. I’m flexible, though, and decided to go with what I have because the two flash fictions, one video-poem, and one text poem here are dynamite.  You just can’t get any better than these. So, forthwith: “Hands” by Tara Isabel Zambrano in The Sonder Review and Fictionaut. “I stay up all night. I write. I give up cashews and pistachios. I spend my time looking at his things wishing they were gone too. My only sliver of comfort about … Continue reading Hot Reads & Other Things

Hot Reads 8.22.15

It’s August. A month of heat, humidity, and irritable moodiness in the South. On top of that, the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina is coming up and it’s all over the news, all over social media and just everywhere I turn. I am not looking forward to next week. I lived through it and I don’t want to relive it, thank you. I’ll leave it to the politicians and philosophers to “celebrate” how far we’ve come but I’ll be keeping my head down and looking forward to September. Here’s a little list of what I’ve been reading lately: Aubrey Hirsch humorously muses about … Continue reading Hot Reads 8.22.15

Hot Reads and Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue April has come and gone and nothing about it turned out as I’d planned. I had to drop out of PoMoSco because life got in the way.  Real life, nuts and bolts and shit happens life. But I did get in a few poems and I think with some editing I’ll have some decent work out of it.  I didn’t even start a poetry online course I’d signed up for, which makes me sad, but at least I did read some good poetry in between all the running around I did before falling into bed each night, usually well … Continue reading Hot Reads and Peggy Sue