The month of lists, resolutions, promises. Hope.

I’ve never liked lists. They get lost. They’re incomplete. They stare down at you from the fridge door when you’re going for some ice cream. They nag.

Resolutions and promises? Easy to over inflate, easier to burst. We are busy people. Why do we add more busyness on top of busyness, then feel guilty when we can’t keep up. Guilt destroys. We are not gods, we are human. Just don’t.

Hope. Now there’s a concept worthy of January. Hope lifts up.
I hope 🤞 2018 will be better than 2017.
I hope to write more poetry.
I hope to have good health.
I hope to be more patient.
I hope to speak more softly.
I hope to think before I speak. Is it true? Is it kind?
I hope to read more books.
I hope to laugh more often.
I hope to hug more freely.
I hope to walk and observe nature every day.
I hope to use my online time more wisely.
I hope to spend more time with friends and family.
I hope to meditate more regularly.
I hope to connect and share with other writers. (More about that later.)
I hope your 2018 is everything you desire.

Someone posted this poem by Lucille Clifton on on Twitter. I love it.



11 thoughts on “Hope

  1. here’s to Hope!

    lovely post – that 2nd paragraph is pure poetry. Love it. “they nag” – indeed they do. But I like them (lists) anyways because I can’t hold everything I need to in my head anymore.

    Happy New Year!

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    1. It’s interesting how differently people view lists. I just read a post on Medium by Kelli Russell Agodon who loves lists. She almost convinced me. But not quite. Thanks for reading, Janice! Happy New Year.

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