13 Odd Questions

There’s a column in the weekend Wall Street Journal that I enjoy reading called “20 Odd Questions”. All sorts of people are quizzed, from actors to artists, athletes to writers, designers to scientists. It’s interesting to read the answers and, often, you learn something new or glean tips you can use yourself. I like to answer the questions from my pov so I thought it’d be fun to answer this week’s list and post it here. I eliminated some of the questions that didn’t apply and came up with 13 Odd Questions.  My dream dinner party would include guests like: … Continue reading 13 Odd Questions


I was recently nominated for a Sunshine Blogger award by Nick at Fifty Words Daily. It’s been a long time since I’ve been nominated for a blogging award. I’m really quite tickled because, for me, getting one of these tells me that at least one person likes to visit here. I’ve been blogging since 2005 but I really haven’t gotten into the WordPress community like a lot of bloggers do. Honestly, I don’t blog for “hits” or to try to increase my readership. I rarely look at my stats. I blog because I like to take pictures and I like … Continue reading Sunshine

Thank you, pollen

for awakening me with a head that feels like a block of wood, too heavy for my scrawny neck to hold. Thank you for crunchy, crusty eyes and barely functioning ears through which I hear garbled words that make no sense. Thank you for screwing with my balance, making me appear drunk at 8 a.m. I know you have an important purpose in life, sticking to little bee legs and coating the throats of beautiful flowers but my throat is scratchy and not so beautiful so please fuck off. Continue reading Thank you, pollen

Inspiration Monday: The Empire State Building

Yesterday was the 85th anniversary of the opening of the Empire State Building. Here are a few pics of it from my trip to NYC. As you can see, we went up in it at night and the views were phenomenal – the photos don’t do it justice. We paid a little extra to go up to the observation deck which is totally worth it for viewing as its way less crowded. I confess to getting a little bit dizzy because you’re closer to the edge of the wide world up there. Building began on St. Patrick’s Day of 1930 … Continue reading Inspiration Monday: The Empire State Building

Inspiration Monday: New York, New York!

 I just spent a week in NYC and now I completely understand why people love it. I’m still on a post vacay high from my trip and already planning my second one. I fell in love. I could totally live there (if I could afford it!). First, it’s a beautiful and clean city, incredibly clean. Second, the people are friendly and don’t seem to mind tourists (refreshing), we never felt like anyone was annoyed by us including the tour guides who were all cheerful and chatty. Shout out to the aspiring actor working The Top of the Rock who kept us … Continue reading Inspiration Monday: New York, New York!

Less is more at 5:30 am

At 5:30 every morning I get up to put drops in my dog Buddy’s eye. He had cataract surgery on December 7th and part of the aftercare is seven different drops at different times around the clock. Well, some of them coincide but you get the picture. He’s doing great, btw, finally able to see well enough to resume our daily walks which makes us both happy. Anyway, at 5am he has three drops that are given five minutes apart so in the five minute waiting periods I look at my iPad. Seems a theme has emerged this morning: less. … Continue reading Less is more at 5:30 am

June List of what’s Going On in My Reading and Watching World

  I am shocked it’s June. I feel like it should still be February or thereabouts. Spring, my favorite time of year, is virtually over and the sun’s heat envelopes me on my morning dog walks. Sitting on the patio drinking coffee isn’t an option anymore. But, I won’t complain (much) because I’d rather this than winter cold. So, it’s June 6 and I feel like a list even though I really hate them. June List of what’s Going On in My Reading and Watching World (with a little bit of May thrown in) Reading: Ruling Your World: Ancient Strategies … Continue reading June List of what’s Going On in My Reading and Watching World