Reading, #Writing, Sharing and what I’m doing about it

I mentioned in a previous post that there’s a thriving poetry community on Twitter. Now there’s a movement, started by Kelli Russell Agodon and Donna Vorreyer , to expand the twitter poetry community into blogging. Some of the poets are reviving their blogs while others who never stopped are joining the “revival”. Like me.


A list of participating poet bloggers can be found here. I’ve read a few posts in the past two days, finding a myriad of subjects, ideas, and ideals. It’s great! Since sharing is a strong link in the community, I’ve revived the “blog list” widget here that I deleted years ago. I’ll have two lists: Poet Bloggers and What I Read, which can be found at the bottom of the page. It’s an ongoing effort and by no means complete so keep an eye on that space. There are goodies there, I promise. I will probably continue blogging as I’ve been doing, maybe with more emphasis on my writing practice and maybe more of a journal-like stream of consciousness. We’ll see. No hard and fast rules here.

Every morning I spend about an hour (or more!) reading online – poetry, flash fiction, essays – and share some on Twitter. I am @Charlotteash there, feel free to follow for great reading recs.

I’ve begun organizing and printing out my poems in case I get brave enough to enter a chapbook contest this year. Thinking about it is scary but I think it’s time to push myself out of my little cocoon and see what happens. The organizing part isn’t as fun as the creating part so I’ll have to be stern with myself to stay on project.  Any advice would be very welcome! I have two submissions of poetry out right now and ideas of where else I want to submit. I have a flash fiction I sent out last fall that didn’t get any bites so I’m taking a hard look at what might need polishing. It’s a solid story, and I did get some positive comments in the rejections (nice!), but the ending isn’t as strong as I’d like. (A suspicion confirmed by one editor.) I’ve  started two poems and they’re stewing around in my head waiting to be wrapped up. And ideas. I have ideas.

Here’s the problem: I want to write but the pets need feeding, the floor needs sweeping, the food needs cooking, the dishes need washing, the errands need running, etc,etc,etc. Who limited days to 24 hours?!

6 thoughts on “Reading, #Writing, Sharing and what I’m doing about it

  1. You have that problem too? I’m HORRIBLE at this. If you figure out how to beat it, you’ve got to let me know. haha

    It’s not that I don’t love writing. I do. But I have the awful habit of ‘no writing time until all chores are done’ and no matter who you are…there’s always chores to do, aren’t there?

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  2. Welcome to the revival tour! I’m toying with the idea of blogging some writing productivity tips. #1 would be: Live in squalor. #2: Sleep when you’re dead. #3: Use your phone only in emergencies, or as a camera. Force yourself to do all socmed from a real computer.


    1. Lol! According to your tips I should be pretty damn productive! Especially #3. I’m one of the few people who uses a “throw away” cell and truly only for emergencies and the camera. I’m determined not to be a slave to a phone. Looking forward to your posts, Dave. Thanks for stopping by.


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