Favorite Reads, Last Quarter-ish

With the holidays upon us I decided to go ahead and post my fourth quarter Favorites . I’m currently reading some books I plan to review here plus I have a post or two percolating so I don’t think I’ll … Continue reading Favorite Reads, Last Quarter-ish

Napowrimo 21/30: A Matter of Necessity

A Matter of Necessity “You’re not supposed to leave the house without your cell.” You might have to think for yourself with no one tracking your whereabouts ready at a moments notice to receive your call. What would you do if aliens abducted you, unable to call 911? Without an hourly selfie, your followers might unfriend you, not to mention leaving them waiting on your indispensable opinion of whatever is trending. Plus, you’d be forced to participate IRL without the virtual world at your fingertips. Imagine! *** Prompt via napowrimo.net: Write a poem that incorporates overheard speech. Continue reading Napowrimo 21/30: A Matter of Necessity

The Hordes

I’m tired of the knee-jerk uneducated and uniformed opinions splattered all over social media and the resulting mindless group exercise of the modern day witch hunt. Half-baked news spreads like typhoid infested waters with the pressing of Android thumbs and everybody’s an expert. And everybody’s opinion is as self-righteously correct as the texter’s before them and the millions to follow. We will show our solidarity, dammit, and you will know our view is right and true by the signs we hold up on the screens of YouTube or FaceBook or even on the network evening news because the media wouldn’t … Continue reading The Hordes