Mr. Google has no sense of direction


The Nature Conservancy hiking trail, New Orleans

we decided after leaving the city

to take a nature walk. Mr. Google

said there was a trail nearby

on Irrigation Road, we followed

directions, ended up at a grey

concrete building with a dead cactus

in front. False start.

It turned out to be admin headquarters,

the trail being 6.2 miles in the opposite direction.

Mr. Google grinned wickedly. When finally

we reached our destination, our angst

at Mr. Google dissipated into fingers

of cypress and pin oak, our feet cushioned

by seasons of leaves and soft brown earth. I confess

to feeling a bit of apprehension at the quiet

with only the echoes of bird calls and soft

rustlings of creatures in the bush. Years of city

life have programmed me to be suspicious,

always watching for danger, years

of wandering the woods far behind me.

I missed the familiarity and mourned the loss.



Shared on d’Verse Poets Pub, Open Link night

13 thoughts on “Mr. Google has no sense of direction

  1. It’s an odd thing this obsession with SatNav n’ all that. My dad had a phenomenal sense of direction, he would never get lost. Now he won’t leave the house without plotting his route. Funny to give up something so natural to us for the comfort of tech.
    i don’t drive so i doubly don’t understand. Every attempt i ever made to get lost, which included hitchhiking around France & Germany, made me realize that, it is exceptionally difficult to get lost, that it is in the end, subjective. When i lived in Seoul i would flaneur alone & my wife would call & ask where i was & i’d say, “i dunno.” She’d be furious, but i wasn’t lost, i just didn’t know where i was. haha.


    1. I always use Google maps when I’m going to an unfamiliar area. I’ve always been horrible with directions and orienting myself, especially when driving and I never understood maps. But, fortunately, once I’ve been somewhere I can usually get there again. Lol

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  2. That’s a catchy title, Charlotte! I’m not a huge fan of sat navs but have used one. Ours is Ms Google and she has a bullying tone to her voice, a bit like a dominatrix (not that I’ve ever experienced one!). I certainly wouldn’t trust her to take me for a nature walk. However, I enjoyed yours!, including the grey
    concrete building with the dead cactus, ‘fingers of cypress and pin oak’ and ‘the quiet / with only the echoes of bird calls and soft / rustlings of creatures in the bush..

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  3. Hi Charlotte. I’m wondering if you might write something for me for my new novel, a Spy-Thriller, I will be self-publishing. You are inspiring and I’ve followed you for many years now with poetry and such. I am asking a few folks in hopes of having some encouraging words written that I can put in the front of the novel. Maybe someone will read my book because they have heard of you. Thanks if you can. And no problem if you cannot. Caroline

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  4. I always bring my phone with me and increasingly an extra battery just in case I take too many photos and want to take more. I’ve had problems with Google’s navigation also, but mostly it is better than I am.


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