Same Old Song

Bravado comes in clusters when she indulges, coins dropping & disappearing like tears on a dusty floor while a front man runs roughshod across her heart, growling an age old song of betrayal, clothes dotting a front yard and new locks on the door. I remember the breeze lifting her hair as the ferry fought swells in the river & she gave her fight to its murky arms. It was a regular day until it wasn’t, her smooth smile drowning at the landing, muddy footprints leading to a song. Today I used the word generator again and got these words: … Continue reading Same Old Song

Favorite Creative Nonfiction: 3rd Quarter 2021

Life is amazing even when it’s not. Even when it’s another ordinary day filled with ordinary chores and responsibilities. Because….because….one small, seemingly insignificant thing can happen to turn it all upside down. These six stories, all set within ordinary days, … Continue reading Favorite Creative Nonfiction: 3rd Quarter 2021