‘Fugue’ and other poems by Chelsea Dingman

I recently discovered Chelsea Dingman’s poetry and finding her poems online since has been like finding little jewels in my day. Her writing is intensely personal, like your own heart beating in your chest. I highly recommend clicking over to Christine Ellizabeth Murray’s blog, Poethead, to read a selection of poems from Chelsea’s book, Thaw. I also recommend following Poethead as a source for some great women’s writing. Happy Sunday reading, everyone!

Poethead by Chris Murray

British Columbia Pastoral

September: almost snow.
White sheets across
the sky, the fields. How strange
the frost, feral over desert
hills. Sage brush
caught in the cattle’s
teeth. The river cuts
a swath where I am
trying to tell you about grass
that presses up through
the ground without urging.
About merciless suns
taking our eyes. You shield
your mouth as I speak.
The wars I won’t admit
like dying daisies, their corpses
linting the grass. In summer,
we swam in the Thompson
River. In feral heat. Baptized
new again. The kites
of our bodies cutting
a swath through green
water. But as water rises
in spring, it will take you
with it. With thawed glaciers
& snow. With bones
we can’t make smaller
once grown. Dead trees
claw at rocks on the river-
bottom, swollen belly
of a…

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2 thoughts on “‘Fugue’ and other poems by Chelsea Dingman

  1. Always a pleasure to find a new poet to love – this poem draws me in. I think I am grounded in the natural world – poems so situated speak to my soul. Thank you for sharing her!


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