Evening Song


The killer is an orca –
her beauty is more than he can bear,
the strength in her body breaching
the ocean, puncturing the air in a smooth
ballet. How the water glistens
on the day and night of her skin, winking
at his weakness, ploughing his place
to the stars.



Prompt: “Today, we challenge you to honor this idea with a poem based in sound. The poem, for example, could incorporate overheard language.”

Last night I was reading with the tv on in the background when the phrase which is the first line of this poem penetrated my reading mind. I wrote it down as I often do with words or phrases that strike me. Then I googled “Orca” and found out it’s considered sacred in some Native American tribes, a special protector of humankind. This morning I was surprised to find this prompt posted for today’s poem. Maybe there’s a meaning behind all this. I’m going with it. 🌞

Art by NamineEveningLight.


8 thoughts on “Evening Song

  1. another great poem after the arrival of a first line. Such energy and love the history lesson around Orcas. Definitely a poem of sounds – lovely in the mouth as you say them out loud.

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