Things are Starting to Grow

It’s April and Winters icy fingers
still clutch at bark and stem. It’s a push
and pull between cool and warm,
a daily battle. Tiny tendrils,
with fierce determination, push toward
the sun, a little taller every day.
Nodes swell, green pops her head
from her hidey-hole. Spring will not wait.


No prompt today other than beautiful Spring weather. This is a pic of my side garden. Things are starting to grow and that makes me happy. Have a great week-end!

8 thoughts on “Things are Starting to Grow

  1. wow – even there cold and warm and cold and warm? Love the pictures. Love the sweet reminder of the passion of plants when they first push through to grow ( Tiny tendrils,
    with fierce determination, push) I’m planting too: sunflowers, basil, zinnias (LOTS of zinnias), nasturtiums, petunias, flowering peas and hollyhocks. I have sun for the first time in 25 years. 🙂

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    1. Yes, last week was warm and humid, today cool. I have seedlings up of basil, radishes, scallions, Anaheim peppers, four o’ clocks, and lots of zinnias! Yes, I love zinnias too! I’m trying a new variety of basil that was bred for growing in pots so I’m looking forward to seeing how they do. I love hollyhocks but I’ve never tried to grow them here. I think it’s too humid.


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