Later Days and Nights


There’s this thing inside me –
Or, rather, a lack of this thing that should be inside me –
that scares me in the early morning when
I’m in that place between awake and asleep.
It was (wasn’t) there this morning while you
were away and I felt disembodied, mindlessly
sinking in possibilities of my-thing-not-thereness,

imagining how I would cope without your support.
In this twilight world I resolved to join a gym,
reject sugar and flour, meditate, be a better person –
if only the thing that’s missing would come back
to do its job in my body so I can take care
of myself. Just in case.


Photo of Sculpture by Enrique Alferez, New Orleans Botanical Gardens 2018.

Poem shared on dVerse Poets Pub’s Open Link Night.

4 thoughts on “Later Days and Nights

  1. Just don’t try all of them at once. No perfect people allowed here! Try one, and if you need more, try another. We all need to take care of ourselves even if we have someone we lean on sometimes.

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  2. how when you see things anew. images arrive immediately, so of course that image of two laying reposed in a bed of green. how ordinary yet unexpected too. intimacy, at ease, open, willing for love in a simple observable face. something about that supine attitude I had not previously held in possibility. tender. then after some minutes, read the poem written below.

    maybe I’d thought they couldn’t reveal more than the image does. I was wrong. exquisite poem that begins where the image came to rest. it evokes my wondering even more deeply. it holds a left face and right face together yet equally visible in one body of expression. the circle these feelings describe has a whole world in one breath to suggest. simply lovely. maybe because what’s spoken is ample truth. thank you for sharing this.

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