Feature in Flash Frontier


I’m excited to share that I’m a featured writer in Flash Frontier, up today, in advance of their upcoming New Orleans themed issue.  Huge thanks to Michelle Elvy for the opportunity to share how New Orleans inspires my writing life and to Gail Ingram for her assistance and patience while putting the piece together.


My Photo, “Delaronde Street Cafe”, included in feature.

7 thoughts on “Feature in Flash Frontier

  1. Awesome sauce! I just read the poetry, and one or two did sound familiar. I loved reading them. Glad I stuck around! Charlotte I want to start my own zine-August or September and don’t know everything yet but would you submit poetry for it? Going to do this last two weeks of July! Mostly me in the first issue-then expand. Quarterly or q 2 months.

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    1. Thanks, Caroline! I would be thrilled to submit
      to your zine – that’s exciting news! Let me know when and how, I believe you have my email address? If not I can PM it to you on Insta. I don’t want to publish it here because I’m already getting spam emails via WordPress. Are you?

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