A Fragment


he pushed his hand up my shirt as unexpectedly
as heat lightning
in an orange-pink twilight –

turned an innocent moment sour,
a tentative touch, terrifying


The beginnings of something…..maybe.

A moment goes by in a flash or expands into the unstoppable. A moment can change everything. That’s what I’m thinking about and exploring in this fragment of (possible) verse. What was happening just before? How did she feel? How did the discerning moment alter her reality? An open heart can shut down in a moment such as this. It’s good to think about the before and after, to examine the reaction and the reason for it. Putting confused feelings into words isn’t easy – every word counts – and memory can throw you a curve ball. Perception of an event can change with time, causing a kind of dilution of  the original feelings making a capture of those feelings like chasing a butterfly.

It takes some thinking.

7 thoughts on “A Fragment

    1. Thanks, I’ll be working on it for a while, I think. It’s probably a universal experience for many women as young girls. It’s great that women and girls are more outspoken now and supportive of each other.

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