Reading for Women in Translation Month 2018


I can’t believe August has come round again. That was fast! August is my least favorite month because the heat in New Orleans is brutal and hurricane activity usually kicks into high gear. But I’m not going to think about it, instead I’ll immerse myself in translated books by women. Women in Translation month was created in 2014 by Meytal Radzinski on her blog Biblibio to promote women writers around the world. You can read all about it here. I think I first participated in 2015 – I’ll have to fact check that – and have read translated books every August since. I’ve found some really awesome books and writers through WiTM. The books I’ve chosen this year are shown above and I can’t wait to begin! My problem right now is that I can’t multi-read, in general, and I’ve just begun reading Night Blind by Ragnar Jónasson which I’ve wanted to read since I read this review on Hard Book Habit.  Btw, I highly rec HBH – their book reviews are outstanding.

So, I plan to read a book per week and write a (short) review which means I’ll just write how I feel about the book. Purely subjective. If anyone reading this is participating, please leave a comment so I can follow your reviews. So far, I haven’t seen as much posted online about WiTM as previous years. I hope that changes! It’s a great effort.

Happy reading!

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