On 13 Days of Rain


On 13 Days of Rain

Hush now, dog!
There’s nuthin’ on the front
porch but an empty chair
rockin’ in the rain spatter
drippin’ off the roof. Thunder’s
rappin’ an a-rollin’ and lightnin’s
doin’ the stanky leg ‘cross the
sky – yeah, it’s loud enough to
wake the dead but they best
stay sleepin’ lest they
float away too.


I wrote this in 2013 in the midst of a never-ending rain event. We’re in a similar pattern here in New Orleans but I hope it won’t last as long as that one. I like this little poem, written in a few seconds from the gut. The dog was barking. He was as sick of the rain as I was. I’ve never subbed this poem because there doesn’t seem to be much interest in colloquial poetry. It’s a shame, IMO. Personally, I really like regional writing and would like to see more.

On that note, you must read this essay, “Rattle the Bones” by Jamie A. Hughes in The Bitter Southerner, if you like regional writing, too.


12 thoughts on “On 13 Days of Rain

  1. send us some of yours – we could use it. We had tons and now none. Feast or famine.
    Love this:
    doin’ the stanky leg ‘cross the
    sky –

    such a great line!

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  2. This is fantastic – your language perhaps regional, but too much rain seems to happen all over the place, and dogs tend to have a negative response wherever!
    We Texans write lots about rain – mostly its prolonged absence.
    Extremes either way stir up a restlessness that poetry somehow soothes. Thank you!

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