Lift the beige melamine cover
From the plate, exclaim
Over the pretty food colors
Squash the color of daffodils
Beets glistening like rubies
A plop of mud colored meat
(Don’t say this out loud)

Lift the spoon to her slightly parted
Lips, gently tap them
Tap, tap, tap
Murmur encouragement, try to
Catch her eye
Smile and nod when you do
She smiles back
A smidgen is allowed in
As Alex reads the categories

Remember to remind her to swallow
With one eye on Jeopardy! and one
On the spoon, continue encouragement,
Say her name, exclaim over the delicious
Smell of the vegetables
(Meat, not so much – don’t say this out loud)

Wheel of Fortune appears, talk
About Vanna’s Dress the same shade
As the beets, coax a bite in that falls
Back out onto her chest

Replace the bib with a clean one
Take a break
Worry about what will happen if she continues
Not to eat
Stare out the window at the darkness
Of trees against the twilight sky
Pick up the spoon


For NaPoWriMo I plan to follow napowrimo.net prompts. Today we are to write a poem of instruction. This one came from my experience of taking care of a loved one.

This year I’m taking their advice: “Let’s leave the editing, criticizing, and stressing out for May and beyond! This month, the idea is just to get something on the page.

In the past I’ve fussed over my poems for this challenge, editing and rearranging. Not this year. I’m posting fresh from my notepad, unedited.

I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s poems. Have fun!


  1. I’m doing the same thing: write and upload (and take some photos if pertinent). This morning I even uploaded a url for sound (I mention chimes). I’ll have to go look at the prompts. I sure could have used some help this morning!

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  2. I really took comfort in the statement about no stressing, editing or criticizing as well. A very touching first poem you’ve written for this year’s NaPoWriMo!

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  3. Oh yes, that’s the way to do it. I like the part you quote the most too, about leaving editing for May.

    Your poem is a full transfer. You can smell the food, hear Alex and see the look in her eyes. And hear that sigh as you look out the window… A special first. ❤


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