When night falls on Earth,
millions of eyes turn to me, bask
in my brilliance. Lovers together kiss
in my light or, separate, look
on my face, stifle their howls. Poets
write verse upon verse in fascination,
never wanting for words, inspired or trite.
(Boo to cynics who laugh at their efforts.)

Witchy ones stir their potions when I’m full
and rich and rolling across their sky, claim
I cast spells over mortal and beast.

But I am only a piece of rock in a vast expanse
with no more magic than any other. Slowly
I turn my face away, seek refuge for a while
from Earthly eyes and imaginings, leaving
only a silvery spine in the dark, a ghostly
smile with a promise to return.


Napowrimo Day 17 prompt: “Today, I’d like you to challenge you to write a poem that similarly presents a scene from an unusual point of view.”

Image: “Moon Circles” by Sonya Genel


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