Write then Sleep

It’s 11pm and I should be asleep.
In the morning I’ll pay for it
with a dull headache,
leaden arms and legs and a desire
for everything to go away so I can
stretch out on the sofa, sip coffee,
and listen to the wind rustling
the palm trees. I’ve been there before.

Instead, here I am
listening to the dog snore, the rattle
of the loose air conditioning vent,
and the hum of the air purifier that I
suspect doesn’t purify anything, thinking
about the chocolate brownie that tasted
oh so good but now feels like a stone
in my gut and how I haven’t missed a day
of Napowrimo and I won’t get a minute’s
sleep until I get something – anything!
on this page.

Its 11:23 now and this is my humble……..poem-thingy.

Sweet dreams.

9 thoughts on “Write then Sleep

  1. I haven’t been sleeping well either, and I’m really having trouble getting myself going with the poems each day.
    But day 21! Today I really feel like we’re almost there. We can!

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  2. OK, 3:47 AM and here I be. think I’m a day, maybe two behind. but I allow myself this measured mercy just to write at all. and your writing is just getting (stronger and stronger). Stronger isn’t really right word. but just saying more and more where I could want being. good writing encourages me. my thanks.


  3. Hehe. You did it. It felt like I was sitting next to you. But then we’d be having more brownies, and wine.

    In a way I feel better knowing that I’m not the only one for whom this poem-a-day business is hard. But we persevere. I had no time but still am managing, just that I couldn’t read anybody. Now it shall be better.


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