Glinda was never a Witch

She was fairy fluff conjured up by a man
named Baum who, like many men, see women
as either Good or Bad. Glinda was a
fantastical ideal with a blank smile
dressed in a frothy pink (of course) dress,

perfect hair never mussed by tornadoes
or flying monkeys
and pristine nails never stained by rusty
tin boys confusing lust for love.
Glinda looked like a dream, waving her wand,
making everything sparkle and glow because
this man, Mr. Baum, molded and made her
and had all the power.

Any self-respecting witch would’ve given
Mr. Baum the side-eye
and turned him into a turnip.


Napowrimo Day 19

Glinda was always my least favorite character in The Wizard of Oz.

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