Hurricane Season

It’s almost May, the last
worry free month
before Hurricane Season
but also the month
of preparation.
Early summer ferns unfurl
as we test the roll ability
of storm shutters.
Magnolia blossoms waft
their lemony scent
as we store bottles
of acrid bleach.
The energy of the summer sun
rises each day
as we inventory
our stash of batteries.
As all the newly born
babies in nature’s cradle
cry to be fed, we restock
our stores of bread, water,
and canned goods. While many
watch the crack of a baseball
bat, we watch tropical waves
off Africa. For everything
there is a season, they say.
June through November
is a long enduring one
in the Gulf South.
Have the rains begun in Africa?


Napowrimo Day 25 prompt: “I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that:

Is specific to a season
Uses imagery that relates to all five senses (sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell)
Includes a rhetorical question, (like Keats’ “where are the songs of spring?”)”

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