Thursday Doors for 3/5/20

Double shotgun in Uptown New Orleans

I love the colors of this double shotgun house and we get two gorgeous eggplant doors, to boot! I’m a day late posting my Thursday Doors. I have a lot going on and I’m not a good multitasker, lol. I’m a detail person so skimming things or juggling things just doesn’t work for me. I’m also a poet and I think paying attention to details is born in the bones of a poet and a photographer.

The details of this house make me happy. The colors aren’t ones you’d normally see together but they work so well here! The tiny bit of yellow trim on and around the window panes really makes the windows stand out. And I love the green glider on the porch that matches the door trim. Just beautiful. This house could easily be on a Caribbean island and, indeed, we do have that a Island influence in New Orleans.

I hope you like this house with its double-good doors as much as I do!

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