Touching Base + New CNF in The Citron Review

I have a micro creative nonfiction piece, “Polaroid“, in the Spring issue of The Citron Review. I’m especially excited to be one of three first ever micro CNF writers in this journal. (Wow. That’s a mouthful & I hope I make sense!) I want to thank Editor JR Walsh for believing in this piece and selecting it for publication.

I hope everyone and your families are well. It’s a challenging time but I feel we will come out on the other side. My husband and I are staying home – have been so for over a week now. We have supplies, medicines, our pets, each other. We’ll be fine. Our family of bloggers need to stay in touch, too, so drop a line and let me know how you are.

Hugs from locked down New Orleans.

St. Louis Cathedral in better days….

12 thoughts on “Touching Base + New CNF in The Citron Review

  1. Congratulations, Charlotte. A touching piece. I’m glad you’re well. We are, too–except husband broke a tooth last night. A front tooth! We’ll have to see if he can get it fixed. NJ is sheltering in place now.

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