Happy Bright Labor Day

Work Boots 2016 – ©Charlotte Hamrick

I’m feeling grateful today that my power was restored last night. It went out at 4:30 pm on 8/29 as the winds of Hurricane Ida were accelerating around my house. Thankfully, we emerged with no damage to the house and only a whole lot of yard debris. I never imagined I’d be affected by two major hurricanes in my lifetime. I hope my quota is up!

I’m also feeling grateful on this Labor Day for the energy workers who are working long and dangerous hours to bring electricity back to Southeast Louisiana. No picnics for them today! They came from all over the country – on my street was a crew from Washington, Texas. Thank you, Washington! A friend said hers was from Wisconsin. Imagine driving across the country to work in hot, humid Louisiana for 16 hour days then sleeping in your truck. They’re a tough bunch, those Linemen.

My daddy was a Lineman for East Mississippi Electric Power Association for many, many years. I don’t even know how long – seemed like forever. I remember when he went to the Mississippi Gulf Coast after Hurricane Camille and worked for what seemed like a long time. I was twelve. He was often called out in the middle of the night, after tornadoes and storms, and worked outside in long, hot Mississippi summers. I never heard him complain.

So if you see a Lineman today, give him/her your thanks. Without them, we’d all be in the dark.

6 thoughts on “Happy Bright Labor Day

  1. I’m glad you got your power back, Charlotte, and also that your house is undamaged. That is a beautiful tribute to your dad. I completely agree that we can’t thank the Linemen enough for all they do.

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