RIP Laura Bergerol

It’s with shocked sadness that I found out that friend and former NOLAfemmes contributor Laura Bergerol has passed away. NOLAfemmes was a group blog I created in 2009 that focused on New Orleans culture and politics. It closed in 2015.

Laura working French Quarter Fest

Laura was a kind and compassionate woman, a dedicated advocate for animals who came to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina to help rescue trapped and abandoned pets. She had a dog named Bianca that she adored and I remember her heartache when Bianca died. She was an artist and photographer who enjoyed taking photos of the city and it’s people. I was lucky enough to accompany her a couple of times. Although we hung out during the 2008 – 2015 years, we had lost touch in recent years. My loss.

Ironically, it seems Hurricane Katrina brought her here and Hurricane Ida took her away. Here is a story about Laura in The Advocate.

Laura will be missed by her NOLA family but never forgotten.

Here is the archive of her NOLAfemme pieces


Laura and me in happier times

5 thoughts on “RIP Laura Bergerol

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that, Charlotte. Losing friends is always hard, especially in such sad circumstances. My heart goes out to you, her friends and family, and everyone else affected by the hurricane.

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  2. Sad story, but good that we know these consequences of extended power outages (whatever kind of weather triggers them). I will hold Laura’s face in my mental “Ida folder”. I’m relieved the death count is not considerably higher.

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