Me and Pearl

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we are
cannibal ash left-behinds
fading static on lost frequencies
doppelgängers of used-to-be

we are
hardscrabble nights
shattered shot glasses
dried up shimmies
curdled bits of blood

we are
idle spit dried to salt
on steamy blacktop
withered illusions
screwed up tattoos

we are
struggling steel in a hot metal world

It’s Open Link Night at dVerse Poets Pub. My poem was published in Eunoia Review in 2018 and is a nod to Janis Joplin. Please click over and enjoy the poetry in the pub!

15 thoughts on “Me and Pearl

  1. E7 to A7 to B7 and back though by then there isn’t anything left but ashes and empties and bleary morning light (and o yes, “withered illusions / screwed up tattoos”). But what a ride if only for the riding, even here yet and still in the verses.

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  2. grrrr….my reply just disappeared! Will try again.
    I may have gone a different way with my reading of this….but in my opinion that’s the mark of good writing when a reader makes a leap from it and connects to it.
    “withered illusions
    screwed up tattoos”
    To me, this is about some has-beens…burned out from the 60s….still hanging out but out of touch.

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