NaPoWriMo 2022 Day 8

A Moment of Regret, Forgotten

He left her at the quayside
in a gloaming Sunday in May,
gazing across the River Tyne
at The Black Middens, visions
of tearing flesh, crashing bones,
and the freezing North Sea as cold
as his stone heart

Oh well. He smelled like fish, anyway.

Happy Friday! I fell down a rabbit hole with this piece of art by John Phandal Laws. It began by googling The Magnesia Bank which is the signage on one of the buildings. That led me to the town of North Shields in the UK where I found it to be a pub and music venue. I decided to write something to do with the town and, while researching, came upon this very interesting article about North Shields, it’s history, and attractions. I’m interested, anyway, in the North Umberland area of the UK so the reading was quite pleasant. Maybe I’ll make it there one day, who knows?

With thanks, as always, to the artist and to Paul Brooke of The Wombwell Rainbow for this prompt.

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