NaPoWriMo 2022 day 12

Our Tunnel of Love
(After Bruce Springsteen)

Slipping and sliding,
tumbling rough
The love we’re inside
isn’t enough
Walls gather closer,
encircling wings
That are clipped and uneven
Struggling to spring
Both of us stretching,
doing our best
To grow inside
our bed of unrest
Rolling and turning,
traveling fast
Our journey together
is under attack

Rhyming poetry isn’t my jam but today I wrote a rhyming poem. I hope it isn’t too nursery-rhymey – lol.

When I saw today’s artwork by Anjum I immediately thought of a tunnel which, in turn, made me think of Bruce Springsteen’s song “Tunnel of Love”. I listened to it a few times and came up with this little bit of poem. I suppose it ended up rhyming because of the songs rhyming lyrics. Poems will be what they want to be, right? And it got me stretching boundaries so that’s a good thing.

Here’s a link to Springsteen’s evocative song, if you care to listen:

Btw, this is not an autobiographical poem. 🙂

Thanks to artist Anjum Wasim Dar and Paul Brooks for this ekphrastic prompt.

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