NaPoWriMo 2022 day 11


Halos and sundogs
Burst the light we see
Darkest reds, deepest violets
Something breaking everything

In between refraction, reflection
A wave, a boundary, a thin veil
Of cirrus clouds sometimes present,
Usually blue

Outside the sun
A shaft of light developes
Slowly falling
Through the air

Again today I combined prompts from The Wombwell Rainbow and Thanks to artist Anjum Wasim Dar and Paul Brooks for the ekphrastic prompt. Thanks to for the prompt to “write a poem about a very large thing”. I decided to write a found poem about the sky (a very large thing!). Anjum’s Art reminded me of sun dogs and halos so I googled and found this article on The National Weather Service website. My text is taken from it and the wording is not randomly selected, but taken from the article in the order of appearance within the piece. It was fun! I think my poem also ended up being a veiled reference to a blue mood.

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