Napowrimo 2022 day 18

Nights on the Midway

Born in a haunting
of rhythm and steel
A wild lingering sky
I wake up there with you
Remember a dazzling
and a salty fever on my heart

It’s getting harder every day to come up with a poem! I don’t/can’t write every day, as a rule. I have to have something to say and some days I just don’t. Today I used The Magnetic Poetry Kit to help me out. Anjum’s art today made me think of Ferris wheels and pinwheels so this is what the art and the kit produced. As always, thanks to artist Anjum Wasim Dar and Paul Brookes for the prompt.

6 thoughts on “Napowrimo 2022 day 18

  1. I absolutely love this and admire your persistence through this month. Alas, I wasn’t committed to start and have writing classes now in the midst and gave up because, life, a week ago. I like the magnetic words too. As good as haiku for something?.

    Tammy Vitale


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