NaPoWriMo Day 15

Neither Fully Land or Fully Sea Shell-inlaid shrines Rich wetlands gone polluted, paved Sneakers and iPhones walk surreal and dangerous Wave buffeted plastic eat the beach Picture a shuttered ecosystem A catalog of loss Shells growing scarcer the sacred buried the beloved plumbed * This poem is an erasure poem but my printer is acting up so I’m unable to post the actual pages. The source is an online article in Hakai Magazine titled “The Symbolic Seashell” by Krista Langlois, pages 11-13. The title also comes from the text. I highly recommend reading it for a fascinating look at the … Continue reading NaPoWriMo Day 15

NaPoWriMo 18/30: Questionable Intelligence

Humans planted man-made beings everywhere, intelligence run amuck. The machine won, unlike humans. *** I decided to do a newspaper blackout today instead of following a prompt. Apparently, this essay by David Ackley, “Hands of a City”, stayed on my mind spawning my stream of thought for this poem. Continue reading NaPoWriMo 18/30: Questionable Intelligence

Enduring Love Is An Art

Spice, grounded in character Imagine the backyard do-over, loving, strong relationship on the floor. Together for love and fun – Complexities, nuances driven to enduring sadness mixed with praise overflowing. Different people. Extraordinary together. That’s the reward. This is the third poem I’ve written using Austin Kleon’s newspaper blackout technique. I really like this technique…it’s a bit like solving a puzzle as I look through an article searching for words to form into a poem that means something to me. I have to be really careful not to tap too much into or recreate the actual article itself. That’s the … Continue reading Enduring Love Is An Art