“the possibilities of language”

Gessy Alvarez mentioned my poem “Up To Down” in the latest issue of “Editor’s Eye” on Fictionaut. I was surprised and delighted, to say the least. It’s so gratifying to have an accomplished writer and editor like Gessy recognize my work, especially a piece that has special significance to me such as this one. As a lover of words and creative language, I’m especially happy with her comments: A good poem should feel like a shot of caffeine injected into your consciousness. It should clobber you with the possibilities of language. and Hamrick delivers an avalanche of a poem with … Continue reading “the possibilities of language”

Newsy News & Celebration

I’m celebrating two great things that have happened to me in the (dreaded) month of August that might (might) be changing my mind about it although I’m glad we’re practically at the half-way mark. First, three of my poems are published in Olentangy Review this month. Olentangy Review is edited by husband and wife team Darryl and Melissa Price and was originally a print publication that began back in 1992. I am very pleased to be a part of this beautiful journal and in the company of other (way more well known) poets and writers featured in its pages. Huge thanks … Continue reading Newsy News & Celebration