Wherein I Thank Everybody

2014 was a really good writing year for me. I reached a couple of loose goals I set for myself and was on the receiving end of some unexpected surprises. Out of 17 submissions I had 9 acceptances and 8 rejections (one of which asked for a more fleshed out second draft but I was in a slump at the time and never resubmitted – my bad.) plus I had 4 solicited publications so that’s a total of 13 actual publications of 15 poems and micro-fictions. One micro-fiction, “Something About SW”,  was chosen as a finalist for the 15th Glass … Continue reading Wherein I Thank Everybody

Camroc Press Review: Checked off the bucket list

Back in January the editor of Camroc Press Review, Barry Basden, contacted me about publishing a little micro-fiction story I’d posted on my Fictionaut page. I was thrilled since CPR is one of a handful of online journals that I read regularly and one I had on my bucket list of journals I want to be published in. I knew the story would be published in July and back in January it seemed like a long, long time to July but it’s here now! You can read my little story, “Something About S.W.”, here. While you’re there be sure to … Continue reading Camroc Press Review: Checked off the bucket list