7 Flash Fictions

Got a few minutes? Pining for a really good, quick read while you eat lunch or take a break from your daily routine? Have I got some gems for you! Seven Flash Fiction/Micro Fiction stories that’ll knock your socks off. One for every day of the week. Enjoy!


Venus Flytrap by Candace Hartsuyker in (mic)ro(mac).

“Sometimes when you’re in bed, you wake up suddenly, sure someone or something is watching you. It always turns out to be one of the plants. A plant stem curling around your finger like a lover’s knot or the kiss of the opened center of a flower, lurid like a wet, open mouth.”


The Walls Here by Rachel Sudbeck in Atticus Review and Winner of the 2020 Flash CNF Contest judged by Nick Flynn.**

“The walls here are razor thin. If you broke off a piece you could slit your wrist.”


Paul’s Place by Bethany Wales in Bandit Fiction.

“They’re going to cut part of my tongue out on Friday, see if they can’t keep me going for a few more months. Did you know they rebuild your tongue from chunks of your thigh?

No, I say.”

Holy Smoke by Sheree Shatsky in Wild Hunt Magazine.

“My stomach rolls. A young man wearing a yellow shirt leans against the wall, browsing his phone. He smells like cremation. I shudder myself a flicker to protect my old bones and drop my chin to my chest. Too late. He sees my embers.”


Sitting on my patio sofa, a bright flash on a new moon night, cotton furry clouds stuck to her long, shimmery dress, my girlfriend from Venus threatens to disappear if I take her name by Tara Isabel Zambrano in Alien Magazine

“At home, she plants a few seeds, watches them grow. She sleeps with her hands stretched out, as if the universe is taking a dip in her dreams. She picks up rocks from my backyard, puts it in a Ziploc bag, labels it as “Earth’s Tears.”


Trophy Wife by Meg Pokrass in Vox Populi.

“On the TV, black and white movies reminded me, there was never enough color in my life. Never the right amount of contrast. A childhood dog, a mother and father, like faded movies of a life washed out early. There was a diamond welded to my throat, and a rescue dog who looked as confused as I did, our street-dog reflections barking us right.”


Bad Fish, Black Sheep by Sara Siddiqui Chansarkar in Cheap Pop.

   I rush to the warden’s office and ask about Suzie. Bad fish, black sheep, Sister Lawrence, the warden, tsks. Suzie has been sent home, she says and adjusts her habit. No one must talk about her.


* *Oops! Just realized Rachel’s story is actually Flash CNF , not Fiction.

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