Late in the Day

wafting curtains pushed by the wind glow in the rays of the late afternoon sun the call of the cicadas echo, rising and falling, a shrillness fading to murmurs a helicopter flies overhead, a shadow on earth’s drowsy landscape the in-between time rides a current of nonchalance ______________________________ Shared on dVerse Poets Pub, an online community of poets who share their work and support each other. Continue reading Late in the Day

Terra Firma Suffocation

The turquoise cleanliness  is a pretense, an illusion. Beneath, the sky seeps scarlet from the purple of old bruises. A defoliant drenched earth erupts with deadly deceptive flora straining for a breath of blue. ________________________________________________ “The earth is mankind’s ultimate haven, our blessed terra firma.” ~~~Gilbert Adair Poem inspired by the photo above on One Stop Poetry. Continue reading Terra Firma Suffocation

Slipping By

Slipping By a river of secrets imparted in our dreams from nightfall to sunrise, of loves lost and loves ignited, of believers who lie on your banks, who bathe in your waters, your waves lapping at the shore as tongue licks flesh, on your shoulders you hold us aloft displaying your tableau of redemption, the passing of lives lived and lost by the fertility of your floods and the imprisonment of your waters, on you flow caressing the apostles, singing your song of everlasting sustenance, low and sweet and seductive ___________________________________ Shared on One Shot Wednesday at One Stop Poetry. Continue reading Slipping By